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Achieve Customer Success By Providing The Best Billing History Software With AccountDock

AccountDock is an online software application that allows Stripe powered businesses to provide billing history for their customers.

Powerful billing history app

Because billing history is so important in achieving customer success, you need to do it right.

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Just one phenomenal customer experience can make a world of difference

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With three amazing features of AccountDock: simple setup, European & VAT support, notifications and PDF receipts, you give your customers access to all their receipts & billing history.

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All you need to do is to connect your Stripe account, drop in a few lines of code and you’re off to the races. You also satisfy your customers by giving them the flexibility in how they receive recurring receipts in exactly the format they want. AccountDock is fully responsive and is designed to look great with your app as well.

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AccountDock has your back in ensuring your business run smoothly as so many things can go wrong with billing history. The software helps to covers issues such as charge breakdown, plan switches & proration, refunds & partial refunds, multi-currency, disputes, failed payments and so much more that you can find more information on AccountDock website.

AccountDock has been trusted by SaaS business owners to be ideal for their subscription models and one-off purchases. If you are a business owner, start-up entrepreneur or operations expert, who want to bring your business to a whole new level, reach out to us at customer support and explore your options.

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