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Top 14 Free Proven Team Productivity And Efficiency Strategies

Improving labor productivity is the goal of many businesses because it is also a way to improve competitiveness in the market. A company wants to develop quickly and sustainably, the leaders need to have the heart and the vision while the individuals must unite and form a collective strength.

In this article, I will review the top 14 awesome strategies to increase team efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

First, let’s quickly understand the meanings of team productivity and team efficiency. 

Team Productivity

Team productivity is generally defined as “a measure of activities performed for quality output in a specific amount of time”. Team productivity concerns increasing the satisfaction of teammates and equipping them with the necessary skills to carry out the tasks with full efficiency. 

Team Efficiency 

Team efficiency is usually understood as the assembly of the best people for the job or specific project at hand. In order to have an efficient team, team members are chosen based on their knowledge, skills, and personalities. Having an efficient team is highly beneficial for the project and the company as the unified productivity and concentration lead to overall success. 

Management Methods

The executives’ management method and leadership style have a great influence on the productivity of the team. The autocratic style is being replaced as it seems to be obsolete. The democratic leadership ascends to the throne, characterized by the leader dividing his management power, enlisting the opinions of subordinates, involving them in important decision-make processes. 

Here are 3 ways to increase productivity leaders can integrate into their smart management methods.

1. Empower employees

Empowering employees is a leader’s way of encouraging them to take the initiative so that they take responsibility and consciously perform the assigned work. In this way, employees tend to put more effort into accomplishing assigned goals, asserting themselves according to their capacities. This is also how businesses screen out who is capable and who is not.

Each individual with self-control, self-discipline in work often works with higher productivity and efficiency than those who are not responsible or are not empowered.

A small note on this way of boosting productivity: Empowerment must go hand in hand with entitlement and supervision. That is, leaders can empower employees but should monitor and supervise to support them when needed, and give them benefits when the work results reach the goals.

2. Assign tasks with goals

Properly assigning tasks helps managers maximize the efficiency of using resources and performance results. In order for employees to work hard, work with a plan and actively use their time, managers need to pay attention in the matter of assigning tasks as follows:

  • Assign tasks associated with work goals. Goals are usually defined according to the SMART method.
  • Assign work to the specifically designated person
  • There is time to perform, deadlines for each job
  • If possible, provide orientation or attach references to help employees move in the right direction

When superiors assign work properly, employees easily receive information, orientation, and goals to proactively plan implementation. People who know the direction always work faster than those who are assigned jobs without knowing where to start and what the destination is.

3. Right person, the right job

Managers who are capable to improve collective productivity often know how to use people and harmonize, balance individual egos in the group, and exploit the strengths of each employee. To do so, people with management roles such as CEOs, department heads, team leaders should really understand the employees under them, so that they can maximize their potential to improve team productivity.

To utilize this strength, managers can rely on:

  • Employee profile that contains full information about working history, positions, positions held by employees, recognition of achievements, rewards, discipline…
  • Performance evaluation report: businesses using work management software often have a report evaluating each employee’s productivity. This system allows managers to look up information: tasks performed by employees, results achieved, average productivity in each project, etc.

Motivation Methods

Increasing work productivity by applying the motivation method is very effective. It does not only help employees to be motivated to work but also to stick with the organization for a longer time. Let’s see in this group of motivation methods, what managers need to do to help employees improve work efficiency. 

Recognition of employee achievements

Employees will be more satisfied and dedicated if their efforts are recognized. Even for people who have not done well at work, many business owners often encourage and them to try harder, instead of criticizing them. This does not mean that managers let employees be satisfied with their own productivity. Managers can use the salary, bonus, and welfare regime to rewards employees according to their actual productivity.

Recognizing employees’ contributions is an easy-to-implement spiritual lever that brings the most obvious results, stemming from the deep-seated needs of each person. Employees always feel secure and want to stick with the company when it is recognized. On the contrary, they can feel depressed while going to work if there is no motivation to motivate them mentally & physically.

Define competency framework & transparent promotion roadmap

When there is a competency framework for each position and a progression path, each employee will clearly see the path they must take. In order to receive a salary increase, promotion, or management promotion, employees need to meet specific standards and achievements.

Many foreign enterprises have effectively implemented this method for human resource management & productivity management. This is both a measure and a motivation for employees to be proactive with their career path.

Become a leader with a vision and a typical example

An organization with good generals will inevitably produce good warriors. Enterprises with typical, capable, well-disciplined leaders will create a team with professional qualifications and strong solidarity.

The organization is the mirror image of the leader, it is associated with the image, mission & corporate culture. At this time, the power of internal communication will promote the role of orientation and guidance so that employees can instill the cultural ideology and working style that the leader wants to build.

Capacity Development Methods

Building a culture of self-study

Employees always want to work at a place that can provide them with new knowledge and experiences, in addition to looking for a job to maintain their livings. So, turn your organization into both a working environment and a learning space.

Wherever you are, self-study is the most effective way to help employees improve their skills and knowledge. Let’s build and spread a culture of self-learning to all employees, let them see each other & improve together day by day. Once knowledge & skills are improved, productivity will inevitably change in a positive direction.

Build quality training programs

Building quality internal training programs is the way many businesses are implementing. This method is quite effective because all programs are launched based on actual research, surveying the needs of employees.

Advanced training programs often involve:

  • Logical thinking method, problem-solving
  • Innovative methods at work
  • Method of managing goals & personal work
  • Skills classes: Negotiating, closing sales, approaching customers, …
  • Professional courses related to the work of each department: Accounting, Marketing, C&B, BA, Quality management,…

High-quality training programs are often designed by highly qualified people with many years of experience. Many businesses are willing to pay to invite experts to train, professional training units to train employees.

After each training course, employees will be tested on their capacity and actual implementation process to measure efficiency and productivity after each training session.

Build a culture of sharing

Sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, sharing life skills …That’s how many businesses are implementing to raise awareness, attitudes, and skills for employees on a large scale.

Community sharing culture. At work, this way helps employees to interact more often, support and collaborate to exchange experiences, solve problems together, and complete tasks in the most optimal way.

Self-study knowledge may be limited, but the knowledge brought from mutual sharing is limitless. Productivity has also improved since then, not stopping at a fixed number.

Improve concentration

Improving concentration is also a way to improve work productivity. The average person takes more than 25 minutes to regain focus after being distracted or distracted by other things.

When focused, the productivity of each individual is many times higher than when the attention is distracted. To improve concentration, you can refer to the following methods:

  • Avoid distractions such as phones, decorations, and noise around the work area
  • Use the Pomodoro method:

Step 1: Choose the job you will do.

Step 2: Set the time, usually 25 minutes.

Step 3: Work until 25 minutes are up

Step 4: Take a 5-minute break.

Step 5: After 4 breaks above, take a longer break with 10 minutes (or 15 – 30 minutes depending on the work and strength of each person).

  • Have a scientific working and resting mode
  • Improve brain health

Performance Increase Methods

Productivity also depends on many factors such as the working environment, technology, corporate culture, and employee fitness. Here are four related enhancing productivity hacks:

Create a professional working environment

The working environment is a major factor affecting employee productivity. Including facilities, workspace, people at work. For high work productivity, the environment needs to ensure the following factors:

  • Working area/employee is larger than the minimum average area
  • Working space is not affected by noise
  • Machines and equipment to ensure good operation, such as computers, keyboards, software, etc.
  • Work atmosphere and rhythm: ensure that the workplace minimizes noise and disorder, everyone actively works as assigned…

Applying technology into operation & management

Applying technology into management and operations helps employees in each department automate daily tasks, spend more time creating new values, and need more brainpower such as

  • Accounting software helps accountants reduce data entry, manual accounting, reduce errors in calculation and declare tax more quickly.
  • Task management software helps to increase the efficiency of assignments, manage the progress & productivity of employees. Employees increase creativity and brainstorming time….
  • Human resource management software helps automate recruitment processes, timekeeping, salary calculation, performing procedures for declaration & payment of social insurance for employees… Gives employees time to improve recruitment activities, talent, solutions to retain employees.

Among technology applications and platforms, a unified business administration platform is the most popular and necessary technology for businesses in the 4.0 era.

The reason is that it meets 3 big goals of the business:

  1. Real-time calculation: helps administrators capture all business indicators, changes in personnel, cash flow, customers, etc. in real-time to make timely decisions.
  2. Convergence & data interoperability: all information is converged on one platform, from which the CEO can easily get an overview of resource allocation, costs, profit and loss, business situation, different points of sale & branches… 

It minimizes fragmentation in management modules & departments and branches. It takes time to synthesize data, and it is easy to make mistakes in the process of accounting and information transfer.

  1. Connectivity: helps businesses expand business cooperation opportunities, transactions more convenient. For example, with banks, e-commerce platforms, recruitment floors, tax agencies, social insurance, transportation units, payment gateways, etc.

If before, employees and leaders had to spend hours waiting, aggregating data, then the business management platform will do it instead of people. All data of related applications will be aggregated and reported as quickly and accurately as possible.

Have a reasonable working and resting regime

Set up a scientific lifestyle such as having a reasonable time to work and rest is necessary. After all, only when people are healthy and have a comfortable mind, everything will go smoothly. This is a way to increase personal productivity that all managers should take into consideration. 

Regardless of age, position, role, big or small, take the time to:

  • Get enough sleep, eat enough nutrition
  • Make time to exercise and be active every day
  • Do not work continuously for many hours, take time to relax for about 10 minutes after every working hour….

Create a habit of being proactive at work

Being proactive helps us master many situations in work and life. Active habits are formed from awareness, responsibility & practice. In order for employees to be proactive, managers should apply some of the following principles:

Everyone can use a To-do list to 

  • Eliminate procrastination: important and urgent work needs to be prioritized. Every job needs a deadline so that employees can actively arrange a time to do it
  • Match duties with responsibilities
  • More interaction even when doing personal tasks

Above are 14 ways to increase work productivity that have been applied by many individuals and organizations. Hopefully, the article gives you useful solutions to improve your team productivity and efficiency, contributing to increasing competitiveness in the market.

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