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Understanding Billing History And How It Helps Your Business Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Growing businesses are more likely to prioritize customer satisfaction than those with stagnant or decreasing revenue in today’s business world. Satisfied customers can become your best salespeople. Additionally, keeping your current customers happy is beneficial for the business in the long term.

According to research carried by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. Meanwhile, a bad customer experience is a dominant indicator of customer churn, which is massively detrimental to growth.

In the long run, it’s customer satisfaction that defines your business’s success. So don’t underestimate its power and impact on your business. To maintain customer satisfaction, not only should you guarantee high-quality service, meeting all customers’ requirements, but you also need to offer excellent customer service. 

This article will introduce a simple step to achieve customer satisfaction with AccountDock – a billing history app for Stripe-powered businesses. 

Introducing AccountDock – A powerful billing history app for Stripe-powered businesses

Business owners know that there are countless times when your customers want to review and check if their invoices have been paid successfully and correctly or if a payment fails to proceed and the reason behind it. AccountDock‘s software gives your customers immediate access to all their receipts and billing history on your website. AccountDock will satisfy your customers by giving them the flexibility in receiving recurring receipts in exactly the format they want. From that, they can instantly manage their invoices, generate PDFs of their receipts, or send an email directly from the web. 

What’s more, providing a clear, transparent transaction history is a simple yet effective way to gain your customers’ trust, which is a core reason they buy your service. 

AccountDock is completely responsive and specifically designed to look great in your app as well. With amazing features: simple setup, European & VAT support, notifications, and PDF receipts, you will give your customers full access to all their receipts and billing history. All you need to do is connect your Stripe account, drop in a few lines of code and let AccountDock take care of the rest. This simple action shows that you genuinely care about your customers’ happiness and satisfaction, even after they have bought your products or services. 

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What your customers see in AccountDock’s billing history

The billing history shows an overview of all invoices issued in your customer’s account, along with the option to download invoices, view in browser, and send an email of the receipt. 

AccountDock billing history interface
AccountDock’s billing history interface

Let’s take a closer look at each receipt. The information displayed includes: 

  • Date: The date range listed is the period accounted for in that invoice.
  • Amount: The total amount charged on a particular invoice.
  • Description: The invoice reference information for our system and for your records.
  • Status: The payment method that paid the corresponding invoice and the current status of the invoice.
  • Action: Customers can choose how they want to manage their invoices, whether downloading, or viewing in a browser, or sending them in email.

Click on a particular invoice to see a detailed breakdown of an invoice. You will see the Invoice Number, Product/Service Description, Quantity, Amount, and Total Amount. You can always modify the invoice’s design with AccountDock’s special feature. 

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AccountDock billing history invoice detailed information
The invoice’s detailed information

How billing history helps your business achieve customer satisfaction

After seeing what AccountDock has to offer, you probably wonder how this software helps your business achieve customer satisfaction. The answer is, AccountDock ensures your business a smooth operation by covering such issues: 

Charge breakdown

Sometimes your invoices have multiple charges. For example, tax charges can often be set up to appear as a new charge on an invoice. AccountDock will demonstrate a charge breakdown of every bill and allow customers to preview them before downloading a receipt.

Plan switches and proration

If a customer has ever changed to a new plan, you’ll know how annoying proration and odd charge amounts can be. That’s why we’ve taken plan switches and proration into consideration. Whenever a plan switch happens, we display information about it to ensure they won’t be taken aback by any strange amount or unexpected date. 


Refunds do happen from time to time, whether we like it or not. If your customer receives a refund, AccountDock creates a new item in their billing history to match up with their credit card statement. Of course, refund receipts are provided for these purchases as well.


Your customers could be anywhere in the world, and therefore, they might require multi-currency invoices. AccountDock currently supports USD, CAD, AUS, EUR, GBP, SEK, DKK, NOK. Additional currency support is available upon request.


Disputes suck, but they can happen sometimes. AccountDock accounts for disputes and displays them with a yellow flag in your customer’s billing history. This keeps them in the loop and indicates the current status of the disputed payment.

Failed payments

If you’re accepting payments online, there will also be chances of failed credit cards. AccountDock demonstrates failed payments and indicates additional details such as why the payment failed, how many times the charge has been attempted and when the next attempt will be.

Upcoming payment

If you choose to keep this option, AccountDock will notify your customer whenever they have an upcoming payment. By this, they will know exactly when they will be charged.


If your customer applied a coupon when paying for their plan or product, AccountDock would also apply that to ensure they got the discount. The discount is stated in the receipt as well. 

Account credit

If you’ve given your customer credit, AccountDock will display this persistently at the bottom of the app and an item in the table if credit was given directly on a plan.

Final thoughts

Even the smallest action shows your exquisite care for your customer’s experience. From a prompt email response to a friendly attitude, it all adds up to customer success. Don’t miss any chance to innovate and even become an expert in the area of customer satisfaction! 

AccountDock has been trusted by hundreds of SaaS and online business owners as an ideal option for their subscription models and one-off purchases. If you are a business owner, start-up entrepreneur, operation expert, or even a freelancer who wants to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, sign up today to get a 14-day trial

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