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10 Online Business Ideas for Teens in 2022 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the globe have had to change the way they live, learn, shop, and do business. The development of technology has allowed people to shift many of their daily activities online, which has given online businesses the ability to thrive. Many online entrepreneurs have seen huge success and for most, there’s no looking back.

The entrepreneurship bug can strike at any age, and your teen can get in on the act by starting their own online business. If your teen has that entrepreneurial spirit or is just looking for some extra cash in their pocket, building an online venture could be the answer. 

Below is a list of 10 money-making online business ideas for teens that are perfect to start in 2022. 

Let’s read on!

1. Teach students from around the globe 

Teaching or tutoring online is a simple and safe way for teens to earn great money.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education systems around the world. Students of all ages have become well-acquainted with learning and interacting via laptops and mobile devices. As a result, demand for online teachers has rocketed more than ever. Here are two ways your teen can jumpstart their online teaching business:

  • Online tutoring: With this method, they’ll likely have a one-on-one class with a student. They’d need to prepare lesson plans, class materials, and activities before the lesson. They can easily find free teaching resources all over the Internet or they can use their own studying materials. This means they can make good money with ZERO spending. All they need are good-quality lessons! 
  • Online courses: If your teen doesn’t have enough spare time to tutor, virtual courses are a great alternative! All they have to do is record a few videos with well-scripted content on the subject. Once the work is done, they can just upload and start making money. However, expect to pay some fees as popular online learning platforms will usually take a cut of each video’s earnings.  

Apart from money, teaching others is also self-rewarding. Your teen will learn a variety of important life skills, including social and communication skills and financial management skills, too! 

2. Become a YouTuber 

Earning money from Youtube is one of the most popular online business ideas for teens. Creating a YouTube channel is challenging as it requires a lot of time and effort, especially when getting started, but it’s a great platform for teenagers to express their creativity. They can create a channel about anything they like, including sports, study tips, beauty tips, gaming, music, or movie reviews. It’s important to note, however, that the platform is highly saturated with these types of channels, and they most likely won’t get much traffic or money during their first six months or so. It’s best to start with a topic they’re passionate about and enjoy talking about. Otherwise, it’ll be a tough 6 months!

If they are determined and consistently produce good content, they should be able to grow their income over time from advertising and sponsorships. 

3. Start their own blogs 

Just like YouTube, blogging is also a long-term project that won’t necessarily help your teens make a profit overnight. It usually takes months, even years, for a blog to gain exposure and a large audience. But once their blog gains traction and starts seeing an increase in website traffic, they can begin to earn money through Google ads, affiliate links, and sponsors. 

They’ll have to make a small investment at the start to buy a domain name and pay for web hosting services. A cheap domain name can run you anywhere from $0.99 to $9.99 with GoDaddy, and cheap hosting is available from BlueHost for $4.99 per month. Once up and running, they’ll need to learn the basics of web design and graphic design. YouTube is full of free tutorials, or they can take a short course on sites like Udemy for $10. Blogging is a great way to develop your teen’s creativity, and with some perseverance and consistency, it can be a great way to earn money.

4. Go freelance as a writer

If doing a blog from scratch takes up too much time and work, your teenager can start a freelance job as a writer. They can find work writing about niche topics they are interested in, such as sports, books, fashion, or entertainment. Writing about a topic they like and are knowledgeable about makes it a more enjoyable way to make money. It will improve their writing skills, too, which will come in handy when applying for university or jobs in the future. To look for jobs, check out websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, etc. 

5. Sell goods on E-commerce sites 

Making big bucks selling products on Amazon, eBay or Etsy is not a myth. All your teen needs to do is to find a niche product or create one to compete with existing sellers on these e-commerce platforms. Some great product ideas could be pet accessories,custom-design T-shirts, homemade cosmetic products, or hand-made greetings cards. There’s a market for anything and everything! There’s even free training and information online to help get your teen started. This business idea has fairly low startup costs and with the right attitude, they could make good profits!

6. Become a seller on social media 

Social media is the new storefront window of online shopping. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the most powerful marketing tools today for teens to reach potential audiences and sell their products or services.

For example, suppose your teen is awesome at drawing portraits. In that case, he or she can open a dedicated Instagram account to post their art for sale or take orders from interested customers. They could post videos, give insight into their creative process, and show the quality of their work. Be consistent on social media, and your teen will get their first customers soon enough! Teenagers can also learn about social media marketing by taking courses on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. It’s relatively inexpensive and could help them increase their audience and profits.

7. Create their own website store

Having one’s own website is a labor-intensive, yet rewarding approach to building an individual online business. It requires more technical skills and a lot of hard work to create and develop a website to sell products or services. However, it does eliminate fees from third-party platforms, who usually take a percentage of every sale. If they choose this route, your teen needs to take responsibility for many things, including which payment platform to use on their site and how to ship and deliver their products. It’s time-consuming and a lot more responsibility, but your teen will learn so much more from running this kind of business. 

8. Produce a podcast 

Podcasting is on the rise as more and more people continue to choose to consume audio content over video. Teenagers can do a podcast about anything they want, sharing thoughts on: school life, family life, politics, fashion, or music! Some equipment is required. They’d need a microphone to record and a laptop or mobile device. They can find free audio editing software such as Audacity, but they’d need to pay a hosting platform to upload their pods, which allows it to be published on Spotify and Apple Music. 

They should be aware that a podcast will not likely help them earn money quickly! But over time, with sponsorships and advertisements, it can provide a considerable income. And they’ll gain confidence by sharing their views with the world, and their communication skills will improve significantly!

9. Broadcast themselves online  

Streaming could be one of the most potential online business ideas for teens, espeically if your teen loves game. Streamers usually get donations and tips from people watching them play online. If they build an audience, they can charge for a paid subscription to their channel. Advertisers and sponsors are always looking to reach a younger audience, and being a streamer, your teen would be in the perfect position to do just that. Starting a channel on Twitch or Facebook Gaming is easy, and they can join Esports events to raise awareness and build up their own audience. 

10. Create and design websites

Did you know around 252,000 new websites are created globally every single day? We were shocked to find out too! This means there are a lot of business opportunities out there for web designers. Teenagers would need at least some basic skills to use website builders like WordPress or Wix. These platforms offer their own training courses for free, and there are many free web design tutorials available online on sites like YouTube. 


If you’re looking to guide your teen in business or just want to help them make a little money, these 10 online business ideas for teens can be a great place to start.

By starting an online business, teens will get a headstart on developing skills that will be useful wherever life takes them; from time management to how to communicate effectively. Not only will your teen learn to become more responsible and become more independent, but they’ll also make some money while they’re at it. Who knows, they might become the next Jeff Bezos!

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