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What Is Groovefunnels? The Ultimate Guide to the Sales & Funnel Building Platform

In order to run and grow a successful online business, you may need to leverage various software tools like email marketing programs, sales funnels, CRM (customer relationship management), landing pages, webinars, and more. Normally, you’d need to pay separate monthly or yearly subscription fees for each tool, which could end up costing you a fortune. The good news is there is now an all-in-one app that offers you access to almost every online marketing tool at a far lower cost – GrooveFunnels

In this guide, you’ll discover what GrooveFunnels is and how you can utilize it to grow your online business.

What is GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveFunnels is a suite of essential software apps that allow you to create landing pages, create full websites, build sales funnels, sell your products and services online, manage your sales, and more. In other words, Groovefunnels is an all-in-one platform to help you build and grow your online business. 

What is GrooveApps?

GrooveApps was GrooveFunnels’ original name. After their official launch, they were rebranded to GrooveFunnels. If someone refers to GrooveFunnels as GrooveApps, don’t be confused because they’re the same. 

What are the main features of GrooveFunnels?

At this point, you may be curious about what exactly is included in GrooveFunnels and what they can do for your online business – we have the answer below! 

Once you create an account at GrooveFunnels, you will have access to 17 apps in total. 

At this time, some apps are still under development and will be available shortly in the coming months. The following list will only include the fully functional apps available to use as soon as you sign up. Check them out!

1. GroovePages

GroovePages offers a drag and drop tool to make landing pages, build sales funnels, and design websites. It provides trendy design templates where you can easily change out elements (images, texts, icons, etc.) even if you don’t know how to code. With GroovePages, the pages you build are Google-friendly and compliant with Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm. This will really benefit your SEO because the pages are fully tailored to mobile viewing.

2. GrooveSell

You can use Groovesell to make order forms, create product upsells, and build checkout pages. The app currently allows you to accept three different types of payments: one-time payment, recurring payment, and installments. 

GrooveSell integrates with online payment service providers like PayPal and Stripe, allowing your business to support 1-click upsells, where customers can buy things with just one click without having to refill required information. 

3. GrooveAffiliate

GrooveAffiliate is a free add-on to GrooveSell. You can use GrooveAffiliate to promote others’ products, earn commissions, and manage and track affiliates of your own products. 

Furthermore, you’ll get access to detailed analytics of the number of visitors, signups, sales, and commissions earned. This will help you better understand how your business is performing and what you should do to increase profits. 

4. GrooveWebinars

GrooveWebinars is webinar software that allows you to create two main types of webinars.

  • Automated: to repeat pre-recorded webinars on specific dates and times. 
  • Live: to broadcast live events from your computer so viewers can engage with the host in real-time. It can help make your session more interactive with features like polls and Q&A sessions.

5. GrooveKart

GrooveKart is a great alternative to Shopify or WooCommerce. It can help you create your own eCommerce store without charging any extra subscription or transaction fees. One interesting thing about GrooveKart is that it provides built-in templates for Print on Demand (POD) services like Printful, which lets you upload your design in advance and will only produce products whenever an order comes through. 

GrooveKart is also very beginner-friendly. With its plug-and-play solution, you can set up and customize your store with little coding skills or relevant knowledge needed. 

6. GrooveMail

GrooveMail is an email marketing automation tool — an essential aspect of online marketing. It includes an email autoresponder and automated workflows to increase contacts and convert more leads into customers. It is also a complete and affordable CRM solution to communicate with your email list, leads, and subscribers. You can store up to 25,000 email addresses for free.

GrooveMail allows you to build email lists, segment the lists, generate email series, tag subscribers, send broadcasts, automate workflows based on customer behavior and preferences, and much more. 

7. GrooveMember

If you want to restrict part of your site’s content for members only, then GrooveMember is for you. It allows you to deliver digital content and products in a secure and password-protected members area. You can offer access for free or charge for your exclusive content.

Plus, GrooveMember lets you divide membership into different levels, making it easy for you to manage and optimize your services. 

8. GrooveVideo

GrooveVideo is a potential competitor to Wistia or Vimeo. It is a video hosting and editing tool that allows you to upload and host video content on your landing pages. It makes sharing your videos to all social media networks really easy. If you don’t want to post your content on YouTube, use GrooveVideo, which comes with customizable player controls, skins, and auto-play options.

GrooveVideo also lets you view video analytics which will give you insight into how viewers interact with your videos so that you can continue to create content that aligns with their interests and preferences. 

9. GrooveBlog

GrooveBlog is an essential marketing tool for publishing, managing, and updating your business’s blog posts. 

GrooveBlog is designed to be Google-friendly, helping you rank better on the world’s number one search engine. 

If you’re already using WordPress, you’ll still be able to publish content straight to WordPress without having to leave the GrooveBlog app. GrooveBlog integrates and works well with WordPress.

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GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans 

Currently, GrooveFunnels provides two payment options. 

  • Free version (Base plan): you can try GrooveFunnels for $0. There’s no limited trial time or credit card required. You can try out most of the apps with some limitations. However, you’ll get a good idea of whether GrooveFunnels can benefit your business. 
  • Lifetime version (Platinum lifetime): with this plan, you will gain lifetime access to all and future GrooveFunnels apps without any limitations. There are three options to pay for GrooveFunnels’ lifetime deal:
  • One-time payment: $1997
  • 2 monthly payments: $999
  • 3 monthly payments: $699

Source: GrooveFunnels

According to GrooveFunnels, a monthly recurring payment option starting at $299 will be introduced later this year. 

GrooveFunnels Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#Q1: Which payment gateways does GrooveFunnels support?

Currently, there are three available payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and GroovePay. 

*GroovePay is a low-cost payment gateway created by the same company owning GrooveFunnels. GroovePay only accepts payments by credit. 

#Q2: Is there a free hosting option with GrooveFunnels? 

Yes. You’ll get free hosting with or Unlimited Custom Domains (CNAME Masking), along with FTP to your secured server. 

#Q3: Does GrooveFunnels provide free SSL?

Yes. Your free Cloudflare account will come with a free SSL certificate.

#Q4: Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveFunnels has a 30-day refund policy. Simply notify GrooveFunnels within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund. 

To claim a refund, all you have to do is send your purchase details to [email protected]

Summary: Pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels 

Should you invest in GrooveFunnels? Here’s a quick summary to help you decide: 


✔️ It’s simple to use.

✔️ It’s an all-in-one marketing suite and has everything you need.

✔️ It’s cost-efficient, saving you money you’d otherwise be spending on third-party apps. 

✔️ There’s a free account option without any credit card information required. 


✖️ The software does have a learning curve with so many apps and functions. 

✖️ There are still some minor bugs as GrooveFunnels is still in beta.

✖️ Not all tools in the suite are available yet.

✖️ There is no monthly pricing plan, but GrooveFunnels plans to offer it later this year.

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