freelance business

8 Steps To Start A Freelance Business During The Covid-19 Pandemic

We’re all living in a world few could have imagined. The coronavirus has reached almost every corner of the globe, turning people’s lives upside down. The pandemic triggered the deepest economic recession in nearly a century, disrupting economic activity and hurting jobs and income.   According to the World Economic Forum, 8.8% of global working hours […]

invoice automation

A Complete Guide To Invoice Automation 

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. From communication, education, and entertainment to finance, banking, and not least how we do business. In order to survive, grow, and be profitable in this constantly evolving world, businesses should start focusing on strategies that increase efficiency, reduce cost & time, and streamline processes.  Automation is a […]

start-up development

Top 4 Startup Development Strategies Should Know

Are you brainstorming for the right development strategy to grow your startup? Coming up with a strong startup development strategy is not an easy task. When a startup company starts, the development strategy acts as a beacon, guiding the team on current and future priorities.  Let’s learn about top startup development strategies with us in this […]

Stripe Recurring Payment 5 Simple Basic Must-Know

With the development of the 4.0 technology era, the purchase of products and services on the Internet has created the demand for using online payment gateways. Since payment gateway is so important for setting up your online business, learning the basics about this system is crucial. Among several payment gateways in the market, Stripe is […]

payment process

How To Speed Up Payment Process On Your Website Amazing 10 Tips

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we shop due to the restriction in traveling and movement as well as the implementation of the social distancing policy. It is why e-commerce transactions are gaining popularity these days, and customer demand is expected to increase in the future. Recently, there are more and more businesses […]

Best 5 Breakthrough SaaS Marketing Easy Hacks

SaaS is an industry with great potential and rapidly growing. With the number of SaaS companies increasing day by day, a suitable SaaS marketing strategy will help your business to compete with rival companies. What is SaaS Marketing?  Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software application service delivery model in which the supplier will […]

Effective Free 15 Business Invoice Best Practices Must Follow

After providing their products and services, businesses can’t wait to issue an invoice to their clients to inform them that payment is due. However, many companies often focus on the money and pay little attention to the actual invoicing process. They may ignore the little details that could make the transaction smoother and easier for […]

Top 14 Free Proven Team Productivity And Efficiency Strategies

Improving labor productivity is the goal of many businesses because it is also a way to improve competitiveness in the market. A company wants to develop quickly and sustainably, the leaders need to have the heart and the vision while the individuals must unite and form a collective strength. In this article, I will review […]

7 Online Sales Hack From Successful Entrepreneurs

No matter what you want to sell online, it’s worth checking out the 7 surprising hacks to have a successful online business. These 7 tips come from successful entrepreneurs who have been accumulating wealth in their online sales business in the past 10 years. When you are starting out the online business game, let’s see […]

5 Basics Must Know To Become A Web Developer

If you are working in technology and website-related environment, surely you may have heard of the ‘web developer’ term.  The main job of a Web Developer includes coding and creative design for the company’s website. The responsibilities of a Web Developer involve building the website, designing everything that shows up on the homepage such as […]


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